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Anonymous: Just want you to know that I LOVE your series of the Big 4 visiting each other's movies. They are AMAZING!!! xxxx

aaaaahhHHHHH thanks so much!! YOU’RE amazing!!! :D


For my final “Big Four in Each Other’s Movie" segment, I have to draw them in the world of Rise of the Guardians. Should I draw the Big Four as children? Or as guardians?

minnothebunny: Hi! I really loved your story of my life frozen video. If you ever feel inspired you should maybe make another one with ho hey by the lumineers for kristanna :) that would be like a dream come true ( feel free to ignore this request...either way I still loved it)

Hey thanks!! People seem to have really liked that one. I just do fan videos as a hobby whenever I feel like it. I don’t really take them too seriously and it’s just a lot of fun. So I don’t have like a set schedule of what I’m gonna do next or even the next time I’m going to find myself in the mood to make one, but I do have a bunch of songs that I’m planning to make videos for eventually. I haven’t listened to Ho Hey in a long, long time but I have it on my iPod so I’ll listen to it again and see how it fits Kristanna. Hey, maybe I’ll have an “OMG” moment and be struck with inspiration and have to get on it right away haha. So we’ll see!!! 

Story of My Life - Frozen

Here’s a video I made the other day! It mostly revolves around Anna and Elsa’s relationship… with a bit of Hans and Kristoff thrown in. Every time I hear Story of My Life by One Direction I always think of Frozen since they say the word in it!!! Am I the only one who does that?? But then after a while I realized that the song actually fits the movie very well.

The Big Four in Each Other’s Movies: Tangled [3/4]

"Wanna dance?"

I was in an art block when I started this request, and I’m still in an art block now. So this is taking me a very long time. I drew it over like 6 times but I’m just gonna settle for this. Part 3 of the request from disneydame88! :)

Better Days - Rise of the Guardians

Ugh, so drawing has not been going my way lately. I’m super busy and whenever I have time to draw, I have a ton of professional projects I’m trying to finish and nothing is coming out good anyways. So I’ve been making some videos instead, since I find it very fun. I made three videos in two days because I have no life. This is the one I just finished yesterday, the other one is posted on YouTube but I’ll post it here later, and the other one isn’t posted online yet but I’ll probably do that soon, and it’s more like a remake of an old video. 

Anonymous: Kataang!

Who’s the messiest one: Aang… He hasn’t cleaned his room in 100 years.

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: Both of them are definitely super PDA, much to Sokka’s dismay.

Who’s the funniest drunk: Aang is a huge show off when he’s drunk

Who texts the most: If it was a modern AU, then probably Aang. Katara would be the kind of person who texts one word answers to everything and prefers calling.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Aang listens to the weirdest music ever and tries to get Katara to listen to it all the time.

Who reads the most: Katara

Who’s better with kids: They’re both amazing with children when they get older. Aang is the cool, fun guy who can keep up with their high energy and Katara is the soothing, motherly kind that always makes them feel better when they’re upset.

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Aang fixes broken things, Katara heals people.

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Is penguin sledding a weird hobby??

Who cooks and who cleans up: They both take turns, but Katara is better. She likes making traditional water tribe dishes.