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Anonymous: Oh myyyyyyyy gooooooddd I love your art! Your rotbtd stuff is sooo cool! XD If you ever were stuck for ideas and wanted to, do you think you could do a circus AU? With Jack as tightrope walker, Punz as trapeze artist, Hiccup as tamer of black panther (Toothless!) and Merida as one of those people who throw knives (shoots arrows?) at boards with volunteers in front of them? Or whatever you visualise them as! :) xxxxxxx

Thank you so much!!! <3 That sounds really cool, I’ll get to that when I have time! I would wait to respond to this until after I finished, but I’m so busy with college stuff nowadays that I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you because it would take so long haha. So if you’re patient it will come eventually!

Happy back to school everyone!! :D A little belated, but still valid. A little bit different from the breakfast club AU, they actually like each other lol. Jack and Rapunzel are seniors so they are veterans and Jack is already checked out. Merida is a junior and Hiccup is a wee little sophomore, and so he can’t escape Jack’s pranks. 

Okay can we just appreciate this for a second!? First digital media class and our professor teaches us how to make a photo that was taken during the day to look like it was taken at night. And then there was extra time so he photoshopped a rocket launch in the background.

………… I’m gonna like this class.

Hiccunzel // The Fault in Our Stars Crossover

I’ve been listening to TFioS soundtrack nonstop lately. The movie moved me to tears; from this scene on I was bawling. So I got the idea to do this crossover, because I felt like it really fit. And it’s heart-breaking. So, any Hiccunzel fans out there?? I’m so sorry. 

I MADE HICCUP’S PROSTHETIC ON THE WRONG FOOT. I already know I did, I realized when I was done with the line-art and I was too frustrated to fix it, so don’t even bother commenting please. I’m really sad about it. :’( This is the first time I’ve ever tried drawing lineart with my tablet and I’m super clumsy with a tablet and it took like 2 hours longer than it usually does. 

disneydame88: Oh my GOSH your Guardian AU pics are amazing!! XD Thank you a billion times over for creating such lovely art work, and I'm so happy I was able to give you an idea that you liked. Your ideas for each of the Guardian backgrounds are fab too, so well thought out! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed waiting for each picture to come out to see what you came up with next, and each one has been more wonderful than the last. Thank you again and I hope you have a brilliant day! xxx

Awwww, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it! :) I had a really fun time with it!!! Thank you for giving me the idea!

The Big Four in Each Other’s Movies: Rise of the Guardians [4/4]

Whew!!! I’m finally done! I have to admit, I went a little extreme for this last one! So, they all have their own image! I took a poll of who wanted to see them as guardians or children, and the overwhelming majority was for guardians… so thank you guys for participating!

A huge thank you to disneydame88 for giving me this wonderful request! It’s been a lot of fun and it carried me all the way out of my art block!

And a shout-out to deaniethebeanie for helping me figure out how to resize the images to upload to tumblr!

And now, because I have created a whole backstory for the Big Four being added to the guardians, I really want to explain it for anyone who is interested. But it’s super long so if you want to know, click on the “read more”!!! I might actually make an entire AU out of this… I’m kind of really liking it…

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Anonymous: Just want you to know that I LOVE your series of the Big 4 visiting each other's movies. They are AMAZING!!! xxxx

aaaaahhHHHHH thanks so much!! YOU’RE amazing!!! :D


For my final “Big Four in Each Other’s Movie" segment, I have to draw them in the world of Rise of the Guardians. Should I draw the Big Four as children? Or as guardians?

minnothebunny: Hi! I really loved your story of my life frozen video. If you ever feel inspired you should maybe make another one with ho hey by the lumineers for kristanna :) that would be like a dream come true ( feel free to ignore this request...either way I still loved it)

Hey thanks!! People seem to have really liked that one. I just do fan videos as a hobby whenever I feel like it. I don’t really take them too seriously and it’s just a lot of fun. So I don’t have like a set schedule of what I’m gonna do next or even the next time I’m going to find myself in the mood to make one, but I do have a bunch of songs that I’m planning to make videos for eventually. I haven’t listened to Ho Hey in a long, long time but I have it on my iPod so I’ll listen to it again and see how it fits Kristanna. Hey, maybe I’ll have an “OMG” moment and be struck with inspiration and have to get on it right away haha. So we’ll see!!!