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Heeeyyy… so my dog and I just got attacked by a wasp or something and my dog got stung in the leg and I got stung in the face. So… went to urgent care and the left side of my face literally right under my eye is really swollen and it hurts like heck but yeah… I was gonna post the Big Four Week prompt today but it might have to get delayed a little. Fate doesn’t want me to.

An anon told me that it was RotBTD Summer Week! I would’ve totally missed it! So here I am, two days late. The theme for today was Courage, which the Big Four does not lack! The first courageous summer activity that came to mind was tree climbing. None of the Big Four seem to be afraid of heights!

I have way too much on my plate to color this in and I’m already late as it is, so if anyone wants to color it for me, feel free. Just remember to credit me and send me a link. Otherwise… I might just get to coloring this in later. 

RotBTD Summer Week Prompts

Anonymous: just wondering if you were going to participate to the RotBTD summer week? 'cause i remember you doing the spring one!

Ooooh yeah! Did that start today?? I’d love to do it! Does anyone have a link to the prompts?

Going to see HTTYD 2 for the third time tonight!! I’m taking two people who have never seen it before (and are gonna watch the first one for the first time today before we see the movie) and the whole time I’m gonna be like


And I feel like they’re gonna be like


stephthespiceberry: Hey you're fix you video for Eugene and Rapunzel is so cute I love it! Tangled is one of my favorite movies it never fails to make me smile and its so great to see someone shipping Eugene and Rapunzel he's always so left out :)

Aww thank you!!! I love Eugene and Rapunzel, they’re definitely one of my top OTPs! They just fit so perfectly together… that movie gives me so many feels. 

Fix You - Eugene & Rapunzel

I made another one! I would appreciate it if you watched it. :)

chocolatecherry22: Your art is really cute and clean and really well done and you've inspired me to do more digital art because I want to get as good as you

This is the best compliment I could ever receive. Thank you so much!!!

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This is my 100th post!!! I wanted to do something special for it, so I did a kind of throwback to some of the art I’ve posted so far. Looking back, I can already see an improvement from the 1st post to the most recent! So thank you so much to all of you who have followed me so far… you guys are the best!! <3